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How To Submit Your Website In Google

How To Submit Your Website In Google

Today Google is known as the world’s most popular search engine. Every child, younger persons & old persons use Google Search for finding things. Today if someone needs new sandals, he/she use Google Search to finding the best one. I can say Google is used in every field of life for every small or big works. Today if someone ask another person for help regarding any topic so can you guess what answer should he get. I think he will get this answer “Just Google It“. Guys this is not funny, I take this example just to show you how much Google is popular and how important Google is for you, for me and for us. Like general people, Google is also having a big significance for Bloggers and Webmasters. Here in this article I am writing about Why we need to submit our website in Google & How To Submit Your Website in Google with Webmaster Tools.

Why We Need to submit our website In Google

Remember a line from my previous article that ” 70% Bloggers make their blogs/website just for earnings”. Among these 70% peoples, only 30% succeed and earns from their blogs. Now you are thinking what about other 40% peoples. Guys 70 percent of our website traffic we get from Google Search, you will get this traffic if your website is appearing on Google Search. This is the reason why 40% persons are not earning from their blogs. They do not do proper SEO and they don’t submit thier website on Google so how can they think that Google will show them on its first page. So Submitting Website To Google Webmasters Tools is must for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and good rankings.

How To Submit Website To Google With Webmasters Tools

I think you are understanding what I am talking about. You should better understand it because I am talking about your earnings, your website traffic & your website’s rankings. Guys If you really wants to see your Blog in Google first page on top so follow the steps strictly which I am going to disscuss. For Submitting Website To Google Webmasters, you first should have Google Mail (Gmail) account. If  you already have Google account so just log in from it and if you haven’t so firstly create a new Gmail account and follow these steps.
Firstly go to Webmastertools. Then sign in to Webmasters Tools from you Google Account with the help of Username and Password. After logging in you will find screen like this.

add a site in Google

After getting this screen just click on Add A Site Button to add your new website or blog which you wants to index and optimize. After this you will get this screen.
add site

Just enter you website name inside the given box and click on continue button to proceed ahead. After this you will get this screen.
recommended methods

Now in this step you have to verify that you are the owner of this website. You can use Google Recommended Method for easy verification and I also recommend it. Just download Html Verification File on your desktop. Now you have to upload it inside your Website’s Cpanel. Just go to you website’s Cpanel and open file manger and select Web Root (public_html/www) and click on Go button. After this you will find Upload button on top of website just click on the button and upload the Html Verification File there. Now just click on verify button on Webmaster Tools page.

After clicking on this button you will get a message that “Your Website Is Verified“. After getting this message you can log in to your account & you can also submit your website’s Sitemap there in Google Webmasters for better indexing and optimization. But there has another question. If you are a user of Blogger blog, how can you upload the html file. For this, Google has a answer. For Blogger blog use the alternate methods. Here you will found meta content. And this is the code. Now just log in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Proceed. Now copy and paste the meta content code and paste it after <head> tag. Now click verify button. And now your blog is ready for getting 70% traffic from Google Search.
Important Links:
Google Webmaster Tools

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Blogger Blog Not Appearing in Search Results

Blogger Blog Not Appearing in Search Results

You are started a Blogger blog, posted quality articles but still don't find it in the search results? Well, there might be enough reasons why its not showing up in Serps. One of the most common reasons is that none of your post titles appear completely in search results. Blogger blogs are configured in such a way that your blog title appears before the post title. That means, your post title is being truncated in Serps which results in either your posts being less ranked or not ranked at all.

So how to make post titles appear before the main title?

blogger search

Here's how:

1. Login to your Blogger account

2. Go to Template - >Edit HTML and then Click on "Proceed".

3. Find the following code:

4. Replace it with this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

5.   Save your Blogger template and off you go...

Note: Backup Template Before Edit HTML.

Since search engines need time to re-crawl your blog, you may not see the changes immediately. But once they are re-indexed, you will definitely see a jump in search rankings. So, try this method and see the difference. Thanks......

Free links - 14 easy ways to get quality backlinks immediately

Free links - 14 easy ways to get quality backlinks immediately

I know you want heart and soul to see your blog in popular search engines search result. For this at first you should achieve some backlinks from authority sites. It’s difficult to build high quality links mostly from authority sites. These sites increase your blogs trust factor in search engines. Usually we focus on blog commenting, guest blogging, directory submissions etc and tend to forget the easiest ways to get free backlinks.

If you have started a new blog or just starting the link building campaign, then you can get some high quality and authority backlinks that will help your blog gain a good search rank.

quality backlink

These are the easiest ways to get free quality backlinks to your website or blog in under 15 minutes:

Site Profiles
- PR – 6
- Anchor text for your keywords are allowed
- Fast crawl rates
- The page can be done in just 5 minutes.
- PR – 8
- Dofollow link of the URL of your website
- No need to build a page, just search your domain name through Alexa, once your blog is crawled, a backlink is guaranteed. Requires less than a minute.
- PR – 8
- Nofollow link but passes huge amount of trust and authority to your site.
- Making a company profile page through Wikipedia may only take you 10 – 20 minutes. Just sign up there and write something unique, professional and concise about your website.
- PR – 6
- Nofollow link but passes on trust
- This one’s very simple and require you to follow the same steps as in Alexa.
- Requires less than a minute.
- PR-4
- Similar to the one above - no hard work. Just enter your site/blog URL and hit enter.

Web 2.0 Profiles

- PR – 8
- Dofollow Anchor text link pointing to your site
- Fast crawl rates
- You can make a Squidoo Lensmaster page in just 2 minutes.

- PR – 9
- Nofollow link of the URL of your site that’s capable of passing trust.
- Has fast crawl rates and and helps in quickly indexing your site.
- Don’t forget to include your sites url on Twitter profile once you sign up.

Facebook Fanpage
- PR – 10
- Nofollow URL link of your website. However, your blog will gain a fair amount of trust.
- Fast crawl rates and good for page indexing.
- The page can be created in 2-4 minutes.

- PR – 8
- Nofollow anchor text link on your profile.
- Fast crawl rates.
- A trusted site by search engines, indexes your pages instantly.
- Only takes 2 – 3 minutes of your time to sign up and fill necessary details of your site.

Web 2.0 and RSS Feed Submissions

- PR – 8
- Fast crawl rates.
- Nofollow link to your submitted article/page.
- Requires less than 2 minutes.

Yahoo Answers
- PR – 8
- Search for a relevant question from your niche and answer it by including your sites URL at the end.
- Google really values it.
- Nofollow attributed URL hyperlink, but passes through large amount of trust to your site.
- Requires 3 – 5 minutes, and it’s quite a fun.

Social Bookmarking Profiles
- PR – 7
- Have fast crawl rates.
- Dofollow links and targeted keywords as anchor texts are allowed.
- Overall task only takes 2 – 3 minutes to finish. Too easy here.
- PR – 5
- Dofollow links.
- Allows keywords as anchor texts.
- Can place as many links as you like.
- Moderate crawl rate.
- Requires 2 -3 minutes.
- PR – 8
- allows as many dofollow backlinks as you want to be saved using your preferred keywords.
- Moderate crawl rates.
- Requires 2 – 3 minutes.

It won’t take much of your time to build these high quality free backlinks from the above listed sites. Make sure you use proper anchor texts while submitting to Web 2.0 and bookmarking sites. This will help gain higher page rank for specific keywords, and that’s what this hard work is all for success. So, just do this and remember, "Working Hard is The Key of Success." Thanks......

How To Find Do-Follow Blogs With Commentluv and Keywordluv

How To Find Do-Follow Blogs With Commentluv and Keywordluv

I know its quite difficult to find do-follow or .edu websites and that too from your own niche. For this, I am giving you a way. By this way you will easily can found your wanted keyword related dofollow, commentluv, keywordluv websites and blogs.

This doesn't mean your hard earned technology blog backlink doesn't count, it does. You would want to rank higher for keywords from your niche rather being listed randomly on search engines.

Anyways lets come straight to the point now. Here is the website I was talking about, which will help you find dofollow, .edu, .gov, keywordluv, commentluv and many other blogs from your niche. Just follow the steps:


1. Go to

2. Type the keyword in your niche

3. Select the type of blog you want to comment on from the drop down list.
The drop down list has the follwing options - Keywordluv blogs, Commentluv Premium blogs, .edu, .gov,   Anchortext in comment blogs, Angela's backlinks, dofollow comment blogs, Expression Engine Forums, Hubpages- hothubs, Livefire blogs and Squidoo lenses.

4. Click on search.

5. A Google page with the list of blogs will open.

6. Open the blogs of your choice and start dropping your links by commenting.

Try this method and you will certainly find those backlinks pointing to your site when you analyse your site on Alexa. No doubt your blog will gain higher rank on search engines sending more traffic to your blog. Thanks......

How And When To Ping Your Blog Posts And Get Indexed

How And When To Ping Your Blog Posts And Get Indexed

I hope you want to see your blog in search engine search result. For this you should increase your blog index by popular search engines. For this pinging is a good way. Pinging a site lets search engines know that you have new content added on your site. Its a good practice to ping your latest blog posts to get immediately indexed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sharing a link of your latest post on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also helps in indexing your blog, as these sites are crawled constantly by search engines due to their large user base and high page rank.

ping it

How To Ping Your Blog

The process is so easy for anyone to follow. Most of them would ask you to enter the Blog Name and Homepage URL with an optional RSS URL while some may require you to add a description. Never use these services if you don't have updated content on your blog, or it may be marked as spam. So, follow this process and enjoy a high index by search engines. Thanks......

21 Blog Directories To Submit your Blog To - With Pagerank

21 Blog Directories To Submit your Blog To - With Pagerank

Hello, how are you? Not, well! But what's the matter? Oh, your blog is not appearing in search result. For this, I am written this article. By  Submitting your blog link in famous blog directory can solve the problem. These are the directories to increase your blog's reputation and traffic:

1. Technorati’sblog directory is a highly reputed blog directories and one of my favorites. Once you claim your blog, Technorati ranks your blog based on it's activity. The higher your blog's rank the more traffic you get. Google values blogs on Technorati, so submit your blog now.
-  PR 8

2. Globe of Blogs has a very nice design and everything is so organized. No hassles submitting your blog. The site space has been decently allotted to ads which shouldn't bother you. You can search blogs by author, title, topic, location and even birthday.
-  PR 7

3.Blogflux has a very clean and simple interface. It features a blog directory, themes, stat tracking and various other services like polls and quiz.
-  PR 6

4.Blog Catalog has a huge number of categories, while offering the ability to search by country, language or user. It offers a convenient access through a simple registration. If you're looking to promote your blog, find blogs or connect with other bloggers, this site is for you.
-  PR 6

5.Blogarama a free listing would place your blog in the approval queue, which takes around 30 days to process. However, you're ready to offer a reciprocal link, and manage to send them 10 unique visitors, your site will be listed within 24hrs! This looks weird initially but works great.
- PR6 

6. Best of the Web BlogSearch approval ratio is low as they are too selective. Listing your blog here would need you to shell out some money. A link from here is majestic. 
-  PR 6 

7.Bloggernity is a clean and very simple site. Features a lot of quality blogs. 
-  PR 6

8.Blog Digger is a search tool, mainly focused on local blog listings. Adding your blog here is a piece of cake.
-  PR 6 a free directory with many other features like social networking, article submission, providing auto submissions to Facebook and Twitter. They also provide SEO Services.
-  PR 6 

10.Brit blogs does force you to think that it's a location based directory, although it's not. Anybody can       submit their blogs here. 
-  PR 6

11.Bloglisting does have an approval queue. So if you submit your blog here, be ready to wait for sometime till it's approved. The service is free, but they are picky on quality blogs. 
-  PR 6 

12.Blogging Fusion has over 65 categories. Blogging Fusion does not have a great interface though. 
-  PR 5

13.Bloggeries is one of the most trusted blog directories with a fairly simple interface. It features other services like a theme directory, polls and a blog stats counter. 
-  PR 5

14. Blog Hints features over 30 categories and just under 480 sub categories. Very selective about which blogs are included. 
-  PR 5

15.Blog Universe has been there for quite some time. Although it has less content compared to other sites, it's still a good directory to submit your blogs. 
-  PR 5

16.Blogville is a fast growing blog directory with a very simple and user friendly interface.
-  PR 5

17.Blogio interface is quite similar to DMOZ. However, the number of blog listings are very less. 
-  PR 4

18.Blog Directory has a various categories, but I'm not quite impressed with the blogs that have been listed here. It's still worth a try.
-  PR 4

19.Spillbean is a very clean an simple directory focused mainly on blog submissions.
-  PR 4

20.Photo Blog Directory is for blogs related to photography. They have a good number of categories.
- PR 4

21.Blog SearchEngine remains one of the most selective blog directories on the web. With over 70 categories it definitely looks impressive with a cool and fresh design. 
-  PR 3

These are some of the best blog directories which will help drive targeted traffic apart from getting a precious backlink to your blog. So, no more today about it. Thanks......

8 SEO Steps To Quickly Optimize Your Blog In Search Results

8 SEO Steps To Quickly Optimize Your Blog In Search Results

Here I am discussing about 8 SEO steps to quickly optimize your website or blog in search result. Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving a website or blogs visibility in search results. Its often a time consuming task if not done correctly. But its fun and quick if done using key techniques.
search engine

 Here are the steps to optimize your blog in search engines:

Keywords in post title
Post title is the most important element in placing your blog higher in search results as it gets displayed in search results. Having long tail keywords in your post title reduces competition. Since many established blogs target short keyword phrases to optimize their websites, its highly impossible to beat them. You shouldn't repeat a keyword twice in the post title.

Keywords in blog header

Search engines give priority to blogs which apart from having a quality post also revolves around the same topic. For instance, a make money blog will have posts on tips related to making money and not on dog training. Likewise, the blog header indicates search engines that your blog is on a specific topic. Try to include keywords that relate with the post body.

Use keywords in alt tags
A picture is worth thousand words - that's for humans not search engines. Search engines cannot translate an image and understand what its about. So they look for alt tags in images to understand the image and display them in search results. Always include targeted keywords in alt tags to rank higher in image searches. And don't forget to have at least one image in a post.

Internal linking
Internal links are often ignored by bloggers which often results in lower page rank, its one of the most important elements of SEO. Linking your older posts in your new post also helps in keeping your blog visitors engaged. You wont believe, but readers often look for links - be it an internal or an external link. They just can't stick around for too long and try to move on. In these cases, internal linking rescues your blog, and that's why its important to search engines too.

Links from popular directories
Submitting your blog to populardirectories like Yahoo and DMOZ may bring positive results. These directories list websites with original content and highly effective articles. Its quite difficult to get listed in these directories at least in DMOZ, since each submission is manually reviewed. Fortunately, if you get listed - no wonder your blogs pagerank will increase. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use data from these directories.

Meta description
Its a brief summary of your blog or post which appears in search results. Including relevant keywords in meta description will definitely rank your blog higher in search results.

Meta tags
These keywords should directly relate to your posts. Avoid keyword stuffing or placing irrelevant keywords here or be ready to get permanently penalized by search engines.

Link from Technorati
Technorati is a highly reputed blog directory. Through my own experience - a link from Technorati, means better ranking in Google and better SEO. If your blog isn't indexed on Google, try this method and optimize your blog.

So, just try this 8 steps and enjoy better ranking in search result. Thanks......

How Page Load Time Affects SEO and How to Tackle it

How Page Load Time Affects SEO and How to Tackle it

In this article I will tell you about the importance of a fast loading page. Your blog's load time is an important factor when it comes to search engine optimization. Search engines often ignore sites and pages that take more time to load. Crawlers have very less time to scan your entire blog and collect all the information within that period. If your blog keeps loading, it will force crawlers to collect limited data.
Nobody would wish to stay on a webpage that takes "hours to load". So how do you make website or blog pages load faster?


 Here's how:

1. Bloggers default widgets are more SEO friendly.
2. Use third party widgets only if its necessary.
3. Never display more than 5 posts on your blog's homepage. The higher the number the longer it takes to load.
4. Re-size images before uploading.
5. Don't mess up your blog template with unnecessary JavaScript. If need be, try to put them at the bottom of the template.
6. Do not add Alexa widget on your blog. Alexa widget often puts your blog into an infinite loading loop.

These are some of the basic points to remember to keep your blog from losing life(if at all).

So, remember it and do this all for your website or blog. Thanks......

How To Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog

How To Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog 

In this article, I am talking about the importance of Alexa ranking. Alexa has been ranking blogs and websites for more than a decade now. It ranks websites based on its traffic levels, and the incoming backlinks. So why is Alexa important and how do you increase your blog's rank?

alexa logo

Why Alexa Rank Is important
Webmasters and bloggers consider Alexa rankings before linking to your site (that precious backlink), submitting guest posts or following your blog. If you don't have a better AR, selling direct advertising on your blog would become difficult. Working on improving your traffic rank now, would reap you some great benefits in future.

How To Increase Your Blog's Alexa Rank

1. Install The Alexa Toolbar
Alexa gives more weight to visits that come from a browser which already has an Alexa toolbar installed. I don't know why, but it does. It helps them obtain users data, allowing them to calculate website rank based on blog traffic, upstream and downstream traffic and related links.

The first thing you need to do is to install this toolbar on your own browser as you are more likely to visit your own blog more than anyone else does. By setting your blog as your browsers homepage, you are actually visiting your site each time you open a new tab. Request your friends and family members to install Alexa toolbar and set your blog as their homepage.

2. Talk about Alexa
You can write a post on Alexa and let your regular readers know the importance of this toolbar. This way you are increasing your blogs rank along with theirs.

Well, that was simple... wasn't it? There's one catch though, installing Alexa does affect your browsers performance. So if your computer runs on a slow processor or if your Internet speed is slow, than I wouldn't recommend installing this Toolbar.

So, no more today about Alexa ranking. Thanks......

List of 50+ Commentluv Blogs

List of 50+ Commentluv Blogs

In this article, I am giving you some useful high page rank dofollow commentluv links. Which will help you to get a high page rank for your blog. I am sure you are tired of finding Commentluv enabled blogs. Well don't worry, I have created a list of blogs with this plugin installed. We all know how important it is to have backlinks, they help us improve our blog's search rankings. With Google's Penguin update PageRank doesn't really matter now, however, Google has clearly said that backlinks will still be an important factor in deciding search rankings. Commentluv blogs are a real life savers for new bloggers, and quickly increase one's link popularity.


 I have already posted enough information in my previous posts on how tofind dofollow blogs with Commentluv and Keywordluv plugins which has been of great help to bloggers. Commenting on other blogs is perhaps the easiest way to get qualitybacklinks, apart from getting exposure. Dofollow blogs give away link juice back to your blog and improve your blogs Pagerank and Traffic.

Here's a list of dofollow Commentluv blogs:


So, just visit this site, comment and enjoy more traffic and more visitors for your website or blog. Thanks......

How To Add Related Posts Widget In Blogger

How To Add Related Posts Widget In Blogger

In this post, I'll show you the steps to add related posts widget to your blog without any coding. There are many tutorials online on this but most of them require you to copy some code and dump it in your Blogger template. That's easy for programmers, but what about the non techies? Well, this post will just do good for you...

So ready? Alright, here's how you install the related posts widget:

1. Go to and signup for a new account.

2. Click Install and then choose Blogger.

nrelate install

3. Enter your blog address where you want the nRelate widget. Click on "Submit".

4. The next page that opens will have four options where you want the widget to appear on your blog. Lets go with the first option - Posts Only. Click "Continue".

nrelate choich

5. Click the "Add to Blogger" button, this will redirect you to your Blogger account.

add to blogger button

6. Select the blog and Click "Add Widget". 

add widget

That's it!! You made it. Don't get excited as yet, cause you may not see the related posts widget immediately, as nRelate needs time to crawl all your posts. It may take anywhere from 15 mins-2 hours to actually see this widget on your blog. And as you drink, lets customize the related posts widget:

Like I said, you don't have to do any coding or repeat the whole process of adding the widget again. It all happens from the nRelate website.

Go to Manage Setting and choose Blogger - > Select your blog.

In the next page, you can customize the widget as per your requirement - change the styles, choose the no. of posts to be displayed, remove the promotional link from the widget, display ads etc. All these options are self explanatory, so I won't get into the details.
customize option

Different style options -
change style

Now that you have customized the widget, just sit and watch till it magically appears on your blog. I guess that was simple enough to understand, wasn't it? This widget won't affect your blog's performance either. So, where are you being late? Try it now. Thanks......

How To Prevent Blogger-Blogpot Blogs from Redirecting

How To Prevent Blogger-Blogpot Blogs from Redirecting

It is a big problem for blogger blog owner. Google, has recently started redirecting Blogger/ Blogspot blogs to country specific domains. For example, if you open in your browser, you might be redirected to if you are located in UK or to if you are located in India.

Google mainly implemented this feature to have selective censorship - i.e, Google can now block a Blogger blog in one country but still make it available in other countries.
world map

It may cost you some Google juice as external websites may link to your country-specific pages.

If you think redirection isn't a good idea, you can add the following code to your Blogger template and it will ensure that your visitors are served with your .com blog irrespective of their location.

Follow the steps below to add the code:

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard  > Template.

2. Click the “Edit HTML” then “Proceed.”

3. Paste the following code into the template after the <head> tag.
<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.hostname;
var slug = document.location.pathname;
var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf("."));
if (ctld != ".com") {
var ncr = "http://" + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf("."));
ncr += "" + slug;

4. Click Save Template button and View your blog. It will no longer redirect your blog to country specific URLs.

Note: Implementing this code may affect your Blogs Template Designer. If you would like to make any customizations to your blog's template make sure you remove this piece of code and customize. Once you're done, add the code.

So, if you want you can use this way. Thanks......

How To Add Gadgets Above Blogger Header

How To Add Gadgets Above Blogger Header

In this post, I'll show you how to add gadgets above your blogger blog's header. These gadgets are useful in placing ads, social networking widgets, extra navigation links above the header.

You'll find that the region above header is locked and there's no way to add extra gadgets above it. So how do you unlock it? To achieve this, you don't have to make any major modifications here, one minor XML tweak and you're done.

Add gadgets above blogger header

Note: Backup your template.

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard
2. Now go to Template -> Edit HTML -> Click Proceed.
3. Search for the following code using CTRL+F

<b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>

4. Now change the value of maxwidgets to the number of gadgets you wish to add
5. Similarly, change the showaddelement value to ‘yes’.
6. Save the template.
7. Now go to the layout section of your blog.
8. You will see an extra ‘Add a Gadget’ button above the header.

That's it! So, have fun with this experience. Thanks......

How to Change or Remove Blogger Favicon

How to Change or Remove Blogger Favicon

When you open a website or a blog, you will see a small icon on top of the browser's tab. This icon is called as a Favicon. By default, Blogger blogs display an orange colored blogger logo, which may not be liked by many. So how do you remove or change it and add a custom favicon? Here I will give you a easy way. Which will help you to change the Favicon.

Here's How

1. Login to you Blogger Account

2. Go to Template ->Edit Html and then "Proceed".

3. Search the following code:


4. Paste the following code after it:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="Favicon URL"/>

change favicon

Note: Don't forget to replace the "Favicon URL" with the actual path of the image.

If you don't replace the Favicon url, it can cause a blank place in the Favicon place. Thanks......

Tips to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

Tips to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

With 1 Billion users, Facebook is literally a second home for hackers. They are constantly in the hunt of users who can easily fall prey to their tricks. Protect your information and be safe.
facebook hacked picture

How could they leave the number one social network from doing their dirty business? Once hacked, all your private information will be stolen. Thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked everyday and you could be the next one. Frankly speaking, Facebook does all that it can to protect accounts from being hacked.

Protection of your account is easy if you follow these simple tips to stay safe:

Create a strong password
Weak password is an invitation to hackers. Never use passwords which contain your name, phone number or any other identifiable words. Try to make it long, use numbers and special characters.

Use Secure Browsing
Activate secure browsing to keep your account safe and encrypted.

Go to Account Settings -> Security and select HTTPS.

End Active Sessions
This feature allows you to see the locations from where your account is being accessed. It helps in tracking any suspicious activities that may have happened without your knowledge. You’ll find this option in the same “Security” page.

Add Your Mobile Phone Number
Never ignore this step. It is likely that a hacker will change your Facebook password once he gains control of it. Adding your phone number will always let you regain access to your account. Just go to Account Settings -> Mobile and follow the instructions.

Activate Login Approvals
Activating login approvals will make sure add more security to your account. It will require a user to enter a code before signing in.

Uncheck “Keep me logged in”
If you access Facebook from multiple devices, try leaving this option unchecked.

Log Out
People are smart enough these days and never forget to Log out. If you thought logging out is not necessary? You may get hacked.

Delete Cookies
If you are accessing your profile from an Internet cafe or any other place, make sure you delete cookies. This will delete all the active sessions. In fact, you don’t even have to log out if you delete all cookies.

Remember this tricks, use this tricks and be safe. Thanks......

5 Websites to Buy Facebook Friends, Fans or Likes

5 Websites to Buy Facebook Friends, Fans or Likes

Every individual and business man want to increase their facebook fanpage likes. For this you can try a way. But this is costly. For this you will spend money.


Here are some popular websites where you can buy Facebook fans:

Usocial FacebookMarketing – starting with $197, you get 1,000 brand new targeted fans. For $8997.30 as a limited time offer, they get you 250,000 brand new targeted and real Facebook fans to your existing account or new account, delivered within several months. They also have custom packages to deliver up to 20 million Facebook fans!

FacebookFans – Silver plan for $39.97, buy 1000 Facebook Fans where 1000 targeted real human visitors will be invited to your fan page.  In Gold plan, buy 5000 Facebook fans for $99.97.
Fanbullet – Starting at $79.95, will provide 1000 real and targeted Facebook Fans/ likes straight to your Facebook fan page within 2-4 weeks. Get 5000 Followers for $329.95 on your business or personal page within 4-6 weeks.

Webtraffic2010 – Starting at 300 fans for $14.99, and 10000 Facebook Fans for $409.
MyFBfans –  Starting at $29 for 2000 real fans, up to 50000 fans for $399!

So if you are ready to spend some money to increase your Facebook authority, than you know where to go. Thanks......

How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to deleting your Facebook account. Users often think that deactivating a Facebook account permanently deletes it (not really).

facebook logo

I'm sure, some of you are aware of what deactivation means - deactivation is a temporary relief to people who are facing Facebook fatigue (This is my understanding btw). You'll reactivate the account, the moment you sign-in. This may not be what you intended to do. Deleting a Facebook profile means erasing everything that you posted including status updates, photos and videos etc. 

This option is not readily available to users. Clearly, there is no link in your profile that allows you to do that, which forces users to choose deactivation (temporary). So how do you delete a Facebook account permanently?

In here, I am giving you a step by step solution about this.

Here's how you delete it

1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Go to this page - DeleteFacebook Account Permanently.

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3. You know what it does, don't you? Just take a deep breath to ready yourself.

So, if you want to delete your account permanently, you can follow this way.

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