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21 Blog Directories To Submit your Blog To - With Pagerank

21 Blog Directories To Submit your Blog To - With Pagerank

Hello, how are you? Not, well! But what's the matter? Oh, your blog is not appearing in search result. For this, I am written this article. By  Submitting your blog link in famous blog directory can solve the problem. These are the directories to increase your blog's reputation and traffic:

1. Technorati’sblog directory is a highly reputed blog directories and one of my favorites. Once you claim your blog, Technorati ranks your blog based on it's activity. The higher your blog's rank the more traffic you get. Google values blogs on Technorati, so submit your blog now.
-  PR 8

2. Globe of Blogs has a very nice design and everything is so organized. No hassles submitting your blog. The site space has been decently allotted to ads which shouldn't bother you. You can search blogs by author, title, topic, location and even birthday.
-  PR 7

3.Blogflux has a very clean and simple interface. It features a blog directory, themes, stat tracking and various other services like polls and quiz.
-  PR 6

4.Blog Catalog has a huge number of categories, while offering the ability to search by country, language or user. It offers a convenient access through a simple registration. If you're looking to promote your blog, find blogs or connect with other bloggers, this site is for you.
-  PR 6

5.Blogarama a free listing would place your blog in the approval queue, which takes around 30 days to process. However, you're ready to offer a reciprocal link, and manage to send them 10 unique visitors, your site will be listed within 24hrs! This looks weird initially but works great.
- PR6 

6. Best of the Web BlogSearch approval ratio is low as they are too selective. Listing your blog here would need you to shell out some money. A link from here is majestic. 
-  PR 6 

7.Bloggernity is a clean and very simple site. Features a lot of quality blogs. 
-  PR 6

8.Blog Digger is a search tool, mainly focused on local blog listings. Adding your blog here is a piece of cake.
-  PR 6 a free directory with many other features like social networking, article submission, providing auto submissions to Facebook and Twitter. They also provide SEO Services.
-  PR 6 

10.Brit blogs does force you to think that it's a location based directory, although it's not. Anybody can       submit their blogs here. 
-  PR 6

11.Bloglisting does have an approval queue. So if you submit your blog here, be ready to wait for sometime till it's approved. The service is free, but they are picky on quality blogs. 
-  PR 6 

12.Blogging Fusion has over 65 categories. Blogging Fusion does not have a great interface though. 
-  PR 5

13.Bloggeries is one of the most trusted blog directories with a fairly simple interface. It features other services like a theme directory, polls and a blog stats counter. 
-  PR 5

14. Blog Hints features over 30 categories and just under 480 sub categories. Very selective about which blogs are included. 
-  PR 5

15.Blog Universe has been there for quite some time. Although it has less content compared to other sites, it's still a good directory to submit your blogs. 
-  PR 5

16.Blogville is a fast growing blog directory with a very simple and user friendly interface.
-  PR 5

17.Blogio interface is quite similar to DMOZ. However, the number of blog listings are very less. 
-  PR 4

18.Blog Directory has a various categories, but I'm not quite impressed with the blogs that have been listed here. It's still worth a try.
-  PR 4

19.Spillbean is a very clean an simple directory focused mainly on blog submissions.
-  PR 4

20.Photo Blog Directory is for blogs related to photography. They have a good number of categories.
- PR 4

21.Blog SearchEngine remains one of the most selective blog directories on the web. With over 70 categories it definitely looks impressive with a cool and fresh design. 
-  PR 3

These are some of the best blog directories which will help drive targeted traffic apart from getting a precious backlink to your blog. So, no more today about it. Thanks......


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