Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Find Do-Follow Blogs With Commentluv and Keywordluv

How To Find Do-Follow Blogs With Commentluv and Keywordluv

I know its quite difficult to find do-follow or .edu websites and that too from your own niche. For this, I am giving you a way. By this way you will easily can found your wanted keyword related dofollow, commentluv, keywordluv websites and blogs.

This doesn't mean your hard earned technology blog backlink doesn't count, it does. You would want to rank higher for keywords from your niche rather being listed randomly on search engines.

Anyways lets come straight to the point now. Here is the website I was talking about, which will help you find dofollow, .edu, .gov, keywordluv, commentluv and many other blogs from your niche. Just follow the steps:


1. Go to

2. Type the keyword in your niche

3. Select the type of blog you want to comment on from the drop down list.
The drop down list has the follwing options - Keywordluv blogs, Commentluv Premium blogs, .edu, .gov,   Anchortext in comment blogs, Angela's backlinks, dofollow comment blogs, Expression Engine Forums, Hubpages- hothubs, Livefire blogs and Squidoo lenses.

4. Click on search.

5. A Google page with the list of blogs will open.

6. Open the blogs of your choice and start dropping your links by commenting.

Try this method and you will certainly find those backlinks pointing to your site when you analyse your site on Alexa. No doubt your blog will gain higher rank on search engines sending more traffic to your blog. Thanks......


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ömer Bayraktar said...

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