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How To Submit Your Website In Google

How To Submit Your Website In Google

Today Google is known as the world’s most popular search engine. Every child, younger persons & old persons use Google Search for finding things. Today if someone needs new sandals, he/she use Google Search to finding the best one. I can say Google is used in every field of life for every small or big works. Today if someone ask another person for help regarding any topic so can you guess what answer should he get. I think he will get this answer “Just Google It“. Guys this is not funny, I take this example just to show you how much Google is popular and how important Google is for you, for me and for us. Like general people, Google is also having a big significance for Bloggers and Webmasters. Here in this article I am writing about Why we need to submit our website in Google & How To Submit Your Website in Google with Webmaster Tools.

Why We Need to submit our website In Google

Remember a line from my previous article that ” 70% Bloggers make their blogs/website just for earnings”. Among these 70% peoples, only 30% succeed and earns from their blogs. Now you are thinking what about other 40% peoples. Guys 70 percent of our website traffic we get from Google Search, you will get this traffic if your website is appearing on Google Search. This is the reason why 40% persons are not earning from their blogs. They do not do proper SEO and they don’t submit thier website on Google so how can they think that Google will show them on its first page. So Submitting Website To Google Webmasters Tools is must for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and good rankings.

How To Submit Website To Google With Webmasters Tools

I think you are understanding what I am talking about. You should better understand it because I am talking about your earnings, your website traffic & your website’s rankings. Guys If you really wants to see your Blog in Google first page on top so follow the steps strictly which I am going to disscuss. For Submitting Website To Google Webmasters, you first should have Google Mail (Gmail) account. If  you already have Google account so just log in from it and if you haven’t so firstly create a new Gmail account and follow these steps.
Firstly go to Webmastertools. Then sign in to Webmasters Tools from you Google Account with the help of Username and Password. After logging in you will find screen like this.

add a site in Google

After getting this screen just click on Add A Site Button to add your new website or blog which you wants to index and optimize. After this you will get this screen.
add site

Just enter you website name inside the given box and click on continue button to proceed ahead. After this you will get this screen.
recommended methods

Now in this step you have to verify that you are the owner of this website. You can use Google Recommended Method for easy verification and I also recommend it. Just download Html Verification File on your desktop. Now you have to upload it inside your Website’s Cpanel. Just go to you website’s Cpanel and open file manger and select Web Root (public_html/www) and click on Go button. After this you will find Upload button on top of website just click on the button and upload the Html Verification File there. Now just click on verify button on Webmaster Tools page.

After clicking on this button you will get a message that “Your Website Is Verified“. After getting this message you can log in to your account & you can also submit your website’s Sitemap there in Google Webmasters for better indexing and optimization. But there has another question. If you are a user of Blogger blog, how can you upload the html file. For this, Google has a answer. For Blogger blog use the alternate methods. Here you will found meta content. And this is the code. Now just log in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Proceed. Now copy and paste the meta content code and paste it after <head> tag. Now click verify button. And now your blog is ready for getting 70% traffic from Google Search.
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